Complementary Therapy

Rebalance and relax with these holistic treatments which date back to ancient times and that almost everyone can benefit from.  Please allow an additional 15 minutes for your initial consultation to enable me to formulate an appropriate treatment and establish if there are any contra-indications.

Remedial Massage (75 mins) – this deep acting therapy works by manipulating your muscles to  release toxins that cause the aches and pains and uses Swedish and pressure point massage therapy.

Aromatherapy Massage (75 mins) – the controlled use of essential oils during massage to promote physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.  Increased  blood flow and warmth created enhances the absorption rate of the oils, to provide a deeply grounding and  relaxing massage.

Anti-Tension Back Massage (30 mins) – uses relaxing essential oils.

Indian Head Massage (45 mins) – this treatment allows you to be seated and clothed and includes the  upper back, shoulders, head and face with the optional use of essential oils. Ideal if you are feeling tired or  stressed, as it can leave you invigorated!

Stone Therapy Massage – is a therapeutic massage using heated basalt stones to aid relaxation, boost circulation  and detox muscles.  Chilled marble stones can also be used in combination on areas for anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits.  This treatment provides the ultimate physical, spiritual and sensory experience and can work many times deeper than conventional massage.

  • Stone Facial Massage (30 mins)
  • Stone Neck, Back and Shoulder (30 mins)
  • Stone Full Body Massage (75mins)

Reflexology (45 mins) – a gentle pressure technique using thumbs and fingers is applied across the feet. This relaxing treatment promotes stress relief and can help stimulate the body’s own healing. 

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (45 mins)

RLD is an award winning reflexology technique researched and developed by Sally Kay BSc (Hons), which focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes of the feet.  The aim is to cause an effect on the lymphatic system in the body.   The results appear to support the theory of reflexology and can help stimulate the body to reduce swelling within tissue and joints and boost the immune system.  Ideal for symptoms such as Arthritis, ME, Headaches, Muscular tension and general aches and pains.

Foot and Leg Massage (30 mins) – using essential oils, this treatment is ideal for tired or aching feet.

Hopi Ear Candles  (45 mins) – a relaxing treatment used to help alleviate a variety of conditions such as excessive ear wax, blocked sinuses, pressure regulation and headaches. The candles induce a relieving heat and massage upon  the head and ears which can help soothe and relax.